Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


From a couple of years ago. Friend from Hawaii was in town for the day, she was at the Long Beach antique swap meet. I called Pepe to roll with me down there. As we were looking through the aisles of old stuff, there was someone selling some plants which is how this story got started.

Christine: I wonder if they have a dwarf lemon tree. I don't want a whole huge tree in my backyard, I just want a small one in a pot and get a few lemons.

Pepe: you should get a lemon-lime tree, just have both.

Christine: are you talking about a hybrid fruit or whatever?

Pepe: nope, a lemon-lime tree. we used to go to this lady's house when I was a kid and she had a tree that made half lemon and half limes!

Me: what?

Pepe: yeah, half the tree was lemons and half was limes - it was a trip!

Christine: ........

Me: ...maybe that's the tree that 7UP comes from!


  1. Nelson don't hate but, it is totally posable with grafting,shit dawg you could even have a lemon, lime, orange tree if you wanted... I'm with Pepe on this one!!

  2. I want a pineapple/money tree.

  3. you guys are dumb, dude...

    I want a sweet AND sour spare rib tree!

  4. sorry nelson, but i'm sure pepe's right on that one, it's GRAFTING. Take a branch from one established citrus tree and join it to the branch of another established citrus tree. Sometimes the result is different citrus fruit on the same tree. I grew up in a rural small town and I've seen this before. However, I don't think it works with money, sweet or ribs, or candies or whatever. AFAIK only citrus trees and citrus fruit, ONLY.

  5. i want a cocaine tree . ohh wait a minute , they allready have those .

  6. Ive got a apple tree in my yard that was grafted,one side grows granny smiths the other red delicious,fuckin tripped me out the first year we got fruit from it,my buddy had to explain it to me and still had a hard time believing him.

  7. My granmother has a peach tree that's grafted - two different varities of peaches grow on either side of the tree. Maybe that is what Pepe saw...

  8. Sounds like this Pepe guy knows something about articulture. He is Latino isn't he.

  9. Pepe es muy inteligente! Muy, muy, muy!


  10. They do this a lot in the orchards of central CA, but a bit different. They'll take the top of one type of tree (peach, almond, sparerib, whatever) and graft it to a real hardy stump, so the root system is real good.