Monday, June 13, 2011


Submitted by Rille, Sinners Sweden:

I was run over by an old man in a Renault Clio. My knucklehead took it well but I´m in pain eating morphine and got my left foot in a plaster cast. Life sucks.

My left foot was smashed between the car and my knuckle. I also broke one toe in my right foot when I landed on the other side of the car so its kind of hard to walk on crutches. Left foot hurts like hell even though I eat morphine pills. Driver had insurance so I will be completely compensated.

Renault Clio´s are super soft and made of mostly plastic and got a lot more wounds than my knucklehead did. The driver called today and said he wouldnt get it back in 2 months.
He bought the car last week and it had only 110 miles on it. My knuckle can be fixed in a few hours.

President of KACC - Kill All Clio Club Sweden


  1. Wow! Knucles are really hard. Your bike destroyed that Renault.
    If I was you I would probably try to gradually decrease the morphine dosage as soon as you feel comfortable, because the longer you use it, the harder it is to stop using it. Been there done that...
    Get better soon and ride that knuckle!!!!

  2. Try other painkillers; morphine just does not work for some people. A friend of mine dislocated his knee once; they gave him 15 mg, which should sedate a horse. He just felt a little warm and his knee still hurt as much as ever.

  3. and it plays havoc with your morning constitutional