Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So about 4 years ago, Sasha found this dog on craigslist or some listing somewhere online.

An animal rescue foundation had him. They originally found him roaming the streets of South Central Los Angeles with no collar or tags with a very bad attitude. He stayed with them for 2 years because nobody wanted him. Two different families tried to adopt him and they both brought him back because of aggression issues. So he was one of those older unwanted dogs there.

When we got him we noticed his jaw is super crooked like he had been hit by a car or something and was also missing a bunch of teeth. Vet said maybe he was tied up to a chain and was gnawing on it for years. And because his jaw is crooked with the lack of teeth, his tongue hangs out a lot. One of his ears is torn up pretty bad,

One of his front legs are pretty crooked like it had been broken at one time. Crazy, gnarly scars everywhere, all over his face. Even has this huge gash near the back/side of his tongue that permanently split. You can tell this guy had been in some huge battles on the street.

So we took him in. They told us his name was Sylvester but we had to shorten it to Sly. Pretty fucking rad dog, excellent job of guarding our pad. He loves the ladies.

Always wondered what he was mixed with; maybe boxer or the common pitbull in this area. Definitely has Rottweiler in there.

Brought him to work with me today. He sleeps all damn day.

He's on permanent vacation now! Happy life with us.


  1. sounds like hes found a good home now,I love happy dog story's.

  2. Stories like this one make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Good job Nelson, sounds like he's been through some rough shit in the past.