Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


One lazy Sunday at my pad, I had Pepe come over for no real good reason other than to hang out. We were sitting around when the subject of high school academics came up. 

Me: I did shitty in school but I somehow got by.

Pepe: what, really? I didn't figure you for that...

Me: oh yeah, I fucking graduated with like 10th grade English skills and pre-algebra. 

Pepe: fuuuuck, no shit? 

Me: I had to go summer school every fucking year, it sucked. 

Pepe: I did pretty good - I was good at math, dog!

Me: really? 

Pepe: ....I took trigonometry... even CALCULUS!*

*Pepe dropped out of high school around his 11th grade/junior year, which means he must've been some sort of MATHEMATICIAN taking calculus that early on.


...a couple of months later:

Pepe: Daaaamn, duuuude! look at all this weeeeeeed!

Me: its crazy, huh!

Pepe: fuuuuuuck! how much is that?!

Me: Nator's neighbor didn't want it so he just gave it to us! it's like half an ounce!

Pepe: what you gonna do with it?

Me: split it up into eighths and give it away. I don't need THAT much.

Pepe: what? you know how to do that?

Me: do what?

Pepe: split it up into quarters and eighths and shit...?

Me: huh?

Pepe: yeah, don't you need like a scale or some shit?

Me: well I was told this was exactly a half ounce so I'm assuming half of that is 1/4 oz.... then half of 1/4 would be 1/8.

Pepe: is that how you do it? are you sure?

Me: .........?


  1. Must be nice in Cali where people just give weed away! In Iowa its hard enough to find good weed, then you pay $60 a bag. I guess even college level math wont teach you to bust up an ounce, is that "street smarts?" hahaha

  2. I even went on to explain to Pepe how a "quarter" is like 4 quarters from a dollar, but he didn't want to listen.

    Weed is crazy here. It's a total misdemeanor ticket for carrying one ounce or less in CA... and the shit is plentiful.

    Medical marijuana cards are $79 to $150 and lasts one year and virtually anyone can get a card.

    The stores itself are fucking INSANE. Exactly like a candy store. I mean they are amazing.

  3. Yeah I know some people out there and they talk about it all the time, i gotta make my way out there sometime, probably wont leave when i do. My buddy went out there last year, he rides the rails then stays in abandoned houses and shit, cool cat but a total bum, think now hes up north staying with some hippy commune or some shit right now. He said in the fall after harvest season its everywhere and people pretty much are just giving it away to get rid of it, he brought some back to iowa, good shit too! must be nice.

  4. Man Those Buds look nice and juicy!!!!

  5. Hey Broham ,

    Send some of those FLOWERS

    this way, puff puff, pass pass,