Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If you remember, I posted about this place once before. My mom was in town for thanksgiving and I brought her to Phnom Penh Noodle for a quick lunch before she had to get on a plane back to Oahu.

Went for the Phnom Penh dry style noodles again.
It was good as always. Definitely for the adventurous types.
Look at that huge knuckle-bone thing in the broth! Gnawing on that bone and pouring that broth over the dry noodles for a Cambodian delight. Most of my friends can't eat here. It's not for the burgers and fries guys; more for the "I like to eat a little intestine with my meal" crowd.  

Don't miss out on eating at this gem!

1644 Cherry Ave
Long Beach, CA 90813
Tues - Sun, 6am to 3pm only.
Street Parking... if you lucky.

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