Sunday, December 11, 2011


Total exaggeration, yes. But the salty and spicy goodness of Hawaiian style Portuguese Sausage and delicious morning Pancakes with sweet maple syrup go together so well.
Burnt edges on the sausage is a must.

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  1. Man, everytime I zoom across this photo I just wanna yell out, at the top of my 20 a day Camel infused lungs . . . . "I gotta get me a cool bottle of a 2011 Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard, Martinborough, N.Z Riesling", shit yeah, sexy, seductive, floral nose like av gas at a track meet, with a mouthfuck texture, acidity tingling like a mid 60's Honda 250 six's valve gear across a velvet body like 73 SS Duke's primary cover, this sweeter style riesling cranks with a lot of Nelson's culinary choices, you might't generally dig Moselle style rieslings but with the right stuff to eat, especially, spicy, Asian influeced nosh, this wine and other kit like it, fit like a finger in a bum . . . . hate to wank on about vino, but great food deserves great piss like a short stroke Manx deserves a featherbed frame . . . Bikes, Broads and booze, get on 'em !! Stay Upright, Stay Free.
    P.S - fuck, it's probably not cool to drivel on about plonk in this forum . . . d'oh !!!!