Friday, December 9, 2011



I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.

One day Pepe came home with another dog from the pound but this time it was a little adorable puppy. He was told the pup was left there for adoption and the staff thought maybe it was a Pitbull/Lab mix because of its color.

Pepe thought that was the best mix of dog in the world, considering Labradors are really smart and friendly and Pit Bulls are fearless. So as usual, Pepe went around town and told everyone about this amazing score. Here's a couple I was there for:

Pepe: dude, we just got another pup! fucking PIT BULL LAB MIX! such a rad dog!

Juan Eduardo: yeah, that's a killer mix... they're smart and listen to you but they get down when its time to!

Pepe: hell yeah!

Pepe: dude, we got another dog at the pound, she's just a pup. PIT BULL LAB, soo rad. 

Nator: oh yeah, I had one on Catalina. never lost a fight, fucking dog was da BU! it was my #1 pig hunting dog, killed so many fucking pigs.

Pepe: yeah dude, this dog is gonna be so rad.

As time passed, some of us noticed that the pup may not have been what the staff at the pound had guessed it was but Pepe still thought otherwise. Some didn't have the heart to say anything but a couple of us had to at least mention it.

Me: hey man, I don't think your dog's a pitbull mix... looks like some kinda running race dog, like one of those whippets or something...

Pepe: pssssht, WHAAAAAAT?! you fucking kidding me?

Me: well, her chest is maaaaaybe 6 inches wide and her legs are long and skinny.

Pepe: look at her color! she's brown with white on her chest, like a pitbull!

Me: a lot of dogs are brown with white on their chest, including whippet mix dogs.

Pepe: you don't know what you're talking about, dude.

Nator: this is the skinniest, lankiest pitbull I ever seen. I had one before, Pepe, this dog ain't no pit bull. 

Pepe: listen, I KNOW this dog is a pit bull. 

The End


  1. it's a pit giraffe dude

  2. I don't know shit about Dog Breeds.But it kind of does in the head to me if that's all I focus on.But that body sure as hell don't!But what do I know?

  3. A whippet cross is called a Lurcher. Gypsys use them to course Hares, "1%er rabbits".
    Its a Bull-Lurcher.
    Fast, smart and fearless.