Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you like pho and live in Long Beach, you must've eaten here by now.  

I wouldn't say its the best pho spot ever, but its good. I'd go across town to eat here any time. I'm into noodles so I'd across any town to eat any decent noodles.

The menu is pretty basic, just like all the other pho places around here. The usual basil leaves, bean sprouts, peppers and lime come out. 

My steamy large bowl of pho. I should've gotten extra large. In fact, I recommend all grown men to get the extra large. Let's not fuck around!

Stevie put too much hot sauce in his pho. But we ordered more noodles and broth so he brought his bowl back to a more stable level of spice. 3243 E Anaheim St Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 498-3754 Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun 9 am - 5 pm

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