Wednesday, February 8, 2012


...more news concerning the somewhat controversial decision on the Diaz vs Condit fight. Dana recently put up a message that a rematch is in the works. Hopefully Diaz is up for it too.
I personally scored the fight as a decision win to Condit too (even though I was rooting for Diaz), but with MMA judges you never know how things are going to go. If this rematch happens, how will Condit just avoid banging it out with Diaz again? I mean, come on, Condit/Jackson's camp obviously knew not to slug it out with Diaz which is why they implemented the game plan they had... should've known!


  1. Interesting. I like both dudes, but that was a sorry ass fight. Condit fucked up Hardy and countless other dudes. With Diaz, he turns into the Natural Born Dancer. What the fuck? Diaz better go for takedowns and sub his ass this time.

    Jackson used the same strategy when Rashad fought Liddell. Rashad ran around the entire first round and some of the second, trying to frustrate. That fight would've been a snoozer if he hadn't laid Chuck's ass out.

    I know MMA is a competition, but I always thought it was a fight first.

  2. Seems like thats always Jackson's game plan. Avoid the other guy, but win the round. Smart, but boring as hell to watch.

  3. Like Masterlink says, I hope he takes him down and goes for the sub or sprint after Condit and make him fight "unsafe"!

    Yes, Greg Jackson's game plans work well for sure if they want a decision win... sucks to watch! Like Crankie Edgar vs BJ Penn! Or Guida vs Pettis! List goes on...

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  5. apparently the fight is off again, some problem with Diaz's camp.

    I hope he didn't test hot for THC again.

  6. and Edgar doesn't train with Jackson, he trains with Renzo Gracie's team.

    Although I still think BJ won that first fight.

  7. That was actually a great fight. And like all fights, ended with the better fighter at the time winning. Condit talked for weeks about how he was going to expose Diaz flaws and did exactly that. And, dancing around the cage by itself has never won a fight. The judges all scored that fight for Condit for the same reason, because he delivered more punishment. Diaz had four and a half rounds to adjust his fight plan but waited until the last 30 seconds. So, sure if he fought a different fight the outcome may or may not have been different. But he didn't and he lost. If you really want to see how bad Diaz was schooled, turn the volume all the way down and watch that fight again without sound.
    Nick Diaz just wasn't prepared to face Carlos Condit. Or maybe I should say, Carlos Condit was better prepared to face the fighter who was put in front of him.