Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Picked up this bad boy at Tip Top Market. At first, I thought it was sticky rice in there so I asked the lady and she said it was not (she knew I was talking about the Chinese version), but she strongly suggested that I should try this Nasi Bungkus Padang... so we got one.
...and DAMN it was good. The chicken and beef in there was curried, one hard boiled egg, some veggies like green beans, lots of chilis, fairly spicy, and lots of coconut milk flavor all the way through.The whole thing was wrapped up in banana leaves.

I need more Indonesian food in my life! I should've got 2 of these. Found this other place on yelp (91 and Bellflower) so I'm gonna have to investigate!


  1. yup..!! you need more Padang food Nelson..
    the one you found is kinda the mini version of what Nasi Padang commonly found here in Indo. Nasi Padang is bascily a take-out version of Padang Restaurant (if you came in to a Padang Restaurant, they'll serve you one portion each of every menu they cooked that day.)
    the Nasi Padang basics consist of 1 and half portion(because it's a take out, and the seller compensate for not having to wash the dishes)of rice, steamed cassava leave, curried un-ripe jack-fruit and string bean, and green chilli and onion sambals.
    than, you add in the main meat part of your choice. those slow cooked beef in coconut milk are called Rendang. other than that, your option are as wide as chicken, stuffed squid, and some tasty cow internals like tripe, lungs, livers, and even brain.. yup, tasty curried cow's brain. yumm..!!

  2. Mr. Mandra! thanks for the heads up!

    It would be a dream to come to Indonesia and eat at a Padang Restaurant...

    email me when you got a minute!