Monday, April 9, 2012


OH MAN, what a treat this place was. I mentioned the other day that we went on a trip up to San Gabriel and stopped by Tip Top Market. And right after that, we walked over to this place. Newport Seafood!
From the outside, it looked like an old coffee shop or steakhouse or something. Not anymore.
We read good things about this place and one way to know for sure that you're in a good Chinese restaurant is to see how many Chinese families are in there. Aside from two other Filipino families and one Indian family sitting up front, they were all Chinese in here. I knew it was worth the 25 minute travel time from Long Beach!
They had semi-private rooms too for bigger parties. Going to have to take note of that.
While we were waiting to be seating, I decided to ask this nice Chinese lady if she had eaten here before. She did and had lots of advice, and we definitely agreed on one thing: "No order the Mongolian Beef and the Kung Pao Chicken! that what everybody get when they don't know how to order Chinese food!" True, true.
We put in a few orders and instantly this sour egg drop soup came out. It was pretty good, nice little appetizer.
Next was the Hong Kong Style Rice Noodle w/Beef. Pretty standard affair, but I'm a sucker for noodles. Especially when I'm eating Chinese food, gotta have it.
Of course we needed to have some greens so we got the Ong Choy.
And then... it came... Crab with Black Bean Sauce and Green Onions! Table got quiet, everyone was BUSY. The green onions by itself were excellent over white rice alone!
...and as you can see, it was mopped up pretty clean. We took a fried rice to go, just to have something to remember this place by (about 3 or 4 hours later, haha). Check this place out! Great alternative to fighting traffic up to L.A's Chinatown... just take a quick jump up the 710 instead!

518 West Las Tunas Dr.
San Gabriel, CA 91766

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