Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned some Indonesian food that I had been really impressed with. Lucky for us, Rizky Mandra submitted a post this morning and gives us a look at the real Nasi Padang experience:

Submitted by Rizky in Jakarta, Indonesia:
Just wanted to share with you, how we in Indonesia enjoy Nasi Padang... Attached picture is a glimpse of how the waiter brings you a portion of every menu they serve that day.
Another picture will show you how the served it all on your table so you can choose what you fell like chewing today.. Various meat-poultry-fish cooked in various type of curry, and also sambals.. Dont forget that they also served fish head curry... Snapper heads are the most common option of fish in Indonesia..
I also attached my plate of lunch today.. Ayam pop (that pale slow steamed then deep fried for 5 second with that red chilli sauce), curried cow brain, green chilli sambals, and deep fried cow skin crackers.. Yum!!
Also attched is a picture of my FXR motor in it upgrades.. Prep-ing her up for some summertime fun...
Guess that's all for now.. Have some fun in the sun up there..
Rizky Mandra

[aloha and mahalos, Rizky! your lunch looks frickin' amazing!]


  1. @nelson: thanks for the post man.. i'm just envy coz we ain't got any taco trucks here.. wait for an email tommorow.. gonna have a dinner tonight, which a foreign friend called "the heart attack soup".. =D

  2. That Fucker looks fast just sittin there. Nice cam cover/mag.