Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Whenever I'm in Gardena, my spider-senses for Hawaiian food is off the charts. I'm constantly checking myself, "I just ate but... should I stop by Bruddah's real quick? maybe Bob's? I just ate but... maybe a bento to go?"

I've driven by Teri Hawaii a bunch of times on my way to buy groceries at Marukai, always seen the place on the corner of my eye right off of Artesia (next to Kanpachi - the best sushi spot in all of the South Bay and Orange County). Always wondered what this place was like, I mean, never heard anything about the place.
So I finally checked it out and was a little surprised. I got their chicken katsu and it reminded me of Grace's Inn katsu in Waimalu. Not quite as good, but I'd get it again.
Better than the katsu though was the fried saimin. Real saimin noodles, spam, kamaboko, onions, real simple. I call it "dry style", where it isn't greasy or oily at all without much ingredients. The way I like my fried saimin.

If you ever test this place out, gotta get both!

1425 W Artesia Blvd
Ste 34

Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 327-0307

*btw, I think the owner is a yobo lady thats not from Hawaii but das alright! the grindz was solid!


  1. Teri Hawaii has been around for years. Used to eat there all the time. They were originally in the Pacific Square center in Gardena before they moved there when they built that shopping center. Which used to be a big dirt lot with a lot of rad hills we used to ride our bikes in and catch polliwogs.