Monday, August 13, 2012


I've met a few characters over the years; some stand out more than others. If there's one guy I get asked about a lot is Matt Davidson... believe me he's a character and a fucking great guy too.

One of the more exciting memories I have of him is blasting through cars at 80mph on the 605 freeway, late at night. I was fine on my FXR but my homey was on a rigid ironhead, riding one hand, looking back at us with the hugest smile on his face... oh, and he had no license, no paperwork, no license plate - just a Del Mar Skatepark I.D from the early 80's.

I ran into him at T-Jax's wedding recently and thought I'd run a few questions his way.

Matt Davidson - where you been?
 I've been to a few places, Nelson! Lately I been up in Marin County since April, living with my new fiancee Chelsea.
What's been keeping you busy, besides Chelsea?
That's whats keeping me busy. I'm by her side 24/7.

How's life in Marin County?
It's beautiful, a lot nicer than Norwalk. I'll tell you that. A lot slower speed.

Any other scoops on what's been going on? 
Not really, hahaha!

Words of wisdom for everyone? 
I have none of those. 

All my friends, all the Sinners, I love my brothers very much. And to everyone else I've met across this earth in my travels. I've met a lot of great people and I've felt and received a lot of love.


  1. I've never seen anybody rockin' white squared-toe loafers as good as Matt was that day.

    I love Matt....

  2. Love you too Irish, and Nelson, you are a beautiful man and a personal hero. You have shown me great acts of kindness over the years and I appreciate you. I love you my brother. XOxo SFFS xoxo