Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As I had previously posted our Master Sensei Andre Galvao will be fighting Ryron Gracie in a 20 minute super match, which can be won only by submission (no point scoring). The amazing fight will be taking place on Oct.14th in San Diego.

In preparation for this fight Andre Galvao came up to Long Beach to train with all of us at Jiu Jitsu League, which is an affiliate of his own academy in San Diego. Most of the class lined up to take a 1 minute round against Andre and he fought us all BACK TO BACK! Seriously, this guy took on almost a couple dozen guys in 20 fucking minutes, cuz!

Here's a few shots from last night's training, mahalos to Sensei Kevin and Haley! 
Bruddah Dustin, going for broke!

Brawny too - giving'um!

Mark taking a solid shot on Andre!

Me, trying to hustle by the 1 minute round!

Our instructor Kevin Howell, getting crazy with the foot lock action!
We were all cheering on Andre through this brutal training exercise...  it was amazing to watch the multi-world champion, just to witness his amazingly smooth technique and level of conditioning.

Check out the fight trailer!