Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I don't read many food blogs or watch foodie TV shows, never really have. I watched all of Anthony Bourdain's shows though (including his appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba!) but don't keep up with anything else.

One food blog I have read quite a bit of, way before starting pakajunk, was Catherine Toth's entries when she was still doing stuff for the now defunct Hawaii newspaper, Honolulu Advertiser.
From the hole in the walls that I used to frequent in Hawaii to many of the places that popped up since I've left the islands 10 years ago, Cat Toth's got a good handle on local Hawaiian cuisine. She put it all together with a few posts about her surfing Waikiki, her dog, traveling and whatever else that came along.
So after about 2 years of not reading any of her entries, I ran across her latest site just lastnight. Her posts were definitely an influence on me starting pakajunk. Always made me miss Hawaii and anxious for lunch every time I checked out her site.
Click here for The Cat Dish.

Best way to read all the food posts is by clicking the FOOD link on her site!


  1. Eh, now I stay hungry. We go eat.

  2. Wow, thanks for this post! I'm so honored! I'm glad you enjoyed my food — rather, FUUD — posts. I get hungry just looking at 'em, too! Appreciate the props and happy blogging!

    Cat :)