Friday, November 2, 2012


Yuuup, Bob's Hawaiian Okazuya now known as Bob's Hawaiian Style Restaurant moved to a new location but no worry, still stay in Gardena. 
Bigger, same food and the same not-so-quick service! haha, nah nah, you know I jus joking!
Probably used to be one old Sizzler or Pizza Hut, but no matter.
Sasha had the Poke Plate, no rice - all poi!
I had the Lau Lau Plate with brown rice (gotta ask for 2 scoops or side of poi, frickin manini scoop dey gave me!). Lomi Salmon immediately goes on the rice. Had to cockroach some poi from Sasha too. 

15926 Western Ave 
Gardena, CA 90247 
(310) 515-2250

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  1. Wow. Dey pake with the rice yeah? What kine Hawaiians dat?