Thursday, November 1, 2012


Took a chance, as usual, and walked in to check it out.
Couldn't believe it but I was greeted in Japanese by actual Japanese waitresses.
There's "Japanese" restaurants around Long Beach, but none of them are operated by Japanese people. You can't have Robert Johnson making your Huevos Rancheros. Same goes for Japanese food. It's never, ever right without Japanese people operating the place.
Totally forgot to take pics of the food and didn'tget  shots of therest of their menu (these are just the fried ala carte items) but if you're a local, check this place out. Nice not having to drive to Torrance for some sushi or grilled saba!

2201 E Willow St Ste G
Signal Hill CA 90755
(562) 595-0210 

(and before you even ask, NO - not a single person at Kinokawa speaks Japanese).

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