Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, this place is good. It's a solid alternative to our usual spots like Yamadaya Ramen and Asa Ramen (which I can't believe I have talked about on pakajunk before). Umenoya, again, is good but I don't think it's on par with the likes of Asa.
Service was excellent. Japanese waitresses and cooks, in case you were wondering.

Fried rice was not greasy, it was pretty fluffy and tasty. Not so filling by itself but definitely get regular sized when eating it with ramen.

Gyoza's were fried to crunchy goodness too. They had this down to a science and were really good.

Even at 3:30pm on a Sunday, this place was packed.

I went with the Tsukemen, which is a dipping-style ramen. I always go for Tsukemen whenever I see it. Not as common. So all the ingredients are served in a bowl like this, separate from the broth. It came with a grip of raw diced onions which was kinda Onion O.D. Should've taken it easy on the onion.

Lastly, this is the Tsukemen broth. If you're not into Tsukemen right now, you soon will be after you've graduated through beginner Ramen Fundamentals! haha.. Some places have a fish base broth for tsukemen, but this place was more pork tasting. Lots of bits of pork fat in it too, which makes it THAT much more tasty.

Only complaint I may have about Tsukemen is that the broth can get cold quickly. So dip fast and eat! Some places will warm your broth up for you with a little extra if you ask nicely. 

Start ordering TSUKEMEN instead of your standard Miso Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen. This way, you can get the jump on everybody and say you're O.G with the dipping ramen before it got popularized on SOA.

24222 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 530-3177

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  1. I brought back some fresh ramens from Japan. Had no idea they went off.
    I opened one pack and it smelt funky bit I eat it anyway. I bought back char siu and menma. And SMELLY EGG.
    And eat all that . Not SMELLY EGG thank God.
    I got really ill again.
    My stomach is my best friend and I just abuse the