Monday, March 4, 2013


After a month of first living in CA, I remember my mom calling me from Hawaii and asking how things were. I mentioned not having eaten rice in a while... less than a week later, this rice cooker showed up (pictured above). This was 11 years ago.

Sasha and I got married a few years after that. The Hater bought me a brand new rice cooker as a gift. I gave that old one to Dustinator.

This little rice cooker was Dustin's first, since he had already mastered the old school technique of a pot and fingers/knuckles to measure out water for perfect sticky white rice that any kanaka would love. 

Modern convenience of a trusty rice cooker had brought Dustin's rice to another level of efficiency and excellence... but the sad day had finally come. After 11 whole years, this old guy cooked it's last cup of rice yesterday.

Dustin says, "adios lil buddy, you have served me well".


  1. Bittersweet for sure... trying the new Vita Clay, "big boy" out tonight.

  2. I like our Vita Clay. Especially with left over saucy meats/veggies and rice. Just put it all in there and reheat.

    Your curry stew was excellent the other night!

  3. Awe, sweetest little rice cooker. RIP little buddy. Enjoy that VitaClay, it rocks!

  4. I probably cooked 100 pounds of rice in that lil guy over the years, towards the end it could only cook one cup rice at a time, can't have that! RIP my friend.