Friday, April 26, 2013


I get a bunch of photos of food from all over the world for pakajunk. I totally dig it and appreciate peoples efforts. I like knowing what their day to day eats and local cuisine is like, comfort food, street vendors and of course some upscale restaurants too.

Many (MANY) times over the years some less than appetizing photos get sent my way but mostly photos with no descriptions of what it is or where they're at is very common. This is basically how it goes:

What is that you're eating? 
It's for your blog, duuude!

Where you at? where is that at? 
For your blog, man! I'll tell you later! This is soo good!

Of course they never get back to me and their efforts are forever forgotten. So I've saved some photos recently so it did not go to total waste. Wish I started this much earlier on. Here's my most recent collection of failed food post submissions:
That's great you're having spam and rice, Pepe!

Photo of favorite creepy sushi spot... taken from the car.

"This sauce is soo good. It's just good."

Nothing better than a photo of already eaten food. "This chicken katsu curry was amazing!"

He didn't even notice there isn't any food in the photo.

We don't talk about drive-thru here, bro. That's another blog, dog.

I guess they went to Ted's Bakery on the north shore...?

HAHA, one of my favorites!

Yes. Condiments.

Hey, dessert. Right?

Took me a little while to figure out what this was.

I shit you not.

"I'll tell you about this later!"

"This place was soo amazing, we went twice!"

If the food looked like this, I bet it was good. I probably would've gone twice too. I wonder what it was!
"Tom had THIS!"

"Dick had this one!"
"Harry's was amazing!"

Thanks everyone for their submissions. Don't forget to take clear photos with descriptions of what it is you're eating and where you're at (not just the city, but maybe the actual restaurant's name too).


  1. Those pics made me hungry. I think I'll have a PB&J sammich. Send you pics later.

  2. I got a blood infection.
    Sick as a dog.
    But " Nothing bundt Cakes"...
    I'm still chuckling.

  3. You label this as "not fun" - well, you are pretty wrong on that point!