Sunday, May 19, 2013


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I ended up in Panama City after spending a week in Bocas del Toro; a Caribbean chain of islands belonging to Panama. 

My wife is a city girl who likes her hotels, spas and rooftop pools.  So after 7 days of surfing, jungle hikes, panga taxi rides in open ocean, quad jungle excursions to secluded beaches... I owed he some quality city time. 

Panams city is rad!  Lots of big Jewish bank money made off the backs of Chinese immigrant labor with the Panamanian people all in the mix. Oh yeah and Merika! History of this country is really fascinating.
This restaurant, Diablicos, is located in Casco Viejo, Panama. The city was established in 1673, re-built by the French after the first town was destroyed by pirates in 1671 (Panama Viejo).  There is a heavy French influence in architecture here although the food remains Panamanian.  The city is going thru a serious gentrification process, even though we did not see any hipsters. 

Mondongo a la culona 
Panama traditional mixed seafood dish over rice. The dark bits are octopus, with scallop, conch, shrimp and white fish as well. Similar to a paella but with a Panamanian spicy twist. Their hot has a whole different flavor. It's a sweet citrus start with a habanero style heat.
Sancocho paneamño Chico
"green soup"

Empanadas de chorizo tableño

Lechon with a crazy banana leaf wrapped maize stuffed with more pork!

Ohhh damn it was soo good! 

The pictures of the devil decorations are traditional to this area. This restaurant is popular amount local Panamanians for traditional celebrations. 

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