Friday, September 24, 2010


Here's a repost of the show that COMUNE and I are putting on tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Basically the show is geared for the clothing industry more than anything. I pretty much do not do any promotions for this show within the motorcycle industry or to the general public, which is why it remains RSVP only.

If you'd like to go, email

Here's the original post:

Sept. 25, 2010

Motorcycles from these artists will be on display:
Cole Foster, Salinas Boys
Shinya Kimura, Chabott Engineering
Ian Barry, Falcon Motorcycles
Trevelen Rabanal, Super Co
Kiyo, Garage Company
Kutty Noteboom, Hippy Killer
John Edwards, Old Tyme Custom Paint

Photography from these artists will be on display:
Adam Wright
Scott Pommier

Event Date:
Sept 25,2010
7pm until 11pm
RSVP Only:


Another year has rolled by already and this will be the second Karlson Tea Party that I will have the pleasure of working on with COMUNE. We've selected several artists in appreciation of their design and culture. This show is curated by Adam Wright and myself.

Here are some photos from last year.


  1. Its my honor to be involved with you on this. Youre the best.

  2. You will make it a killer show, as you did last year. Sorry I wont be able to make it!