Saturday, September 25, 2010

PASTY KITCHEN - Los Alamitos, CA

I had a dentist appointment and was heading back to work when I saw this place. What caught my eye was English Meat Pies above the entrance and I did a double take. Los Alamitos is an ok town and I wouldn't really consider it a place for culinary delights like this, but I did a quick u-turn and investigated.

First thing I saw when I walked in was this menu below. Some people, I've noticed, get freaked out by the thought of "meat pies" because most Americans relate the word 'pies' to sweet desserts like apple pie. Well, it's just a word and if it really still freaks you out just consider it a large empanada. If you don't know what an empanada is, go back to Burger King.

Beef, Chicken or Veggie. Easy choice for me. I went for beef after asking one of the regulars in line. Plus, if it's my first time trying out a place like this, I'll usually start from the first choice on top.
Inside was real clean and cool. The meat pies came right out of the oven too. I asked the Pie Maker how long they'd been in this spot. He replied, "this business has been here for 47 years." I was fucking stumped. Why hasn't anyone told me about this place? What the hell was Los Alamitos like 47 years ago?
On my way out, I caught a shot of this sign. No waiting! Ready for immediate take out! I had to stop for a second to get a look at the rest of this building, just to wonder what this street was like 47 years ago. Oh, and Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken is next door... I'll be back for that.
10 minutes later I'm back at my office. As you can see, I got the 3 Bean Salad too, which was recommend by the Pie Maker.
This small Beef Meat Pie had some good weight to it and was still very warm.
Breaking it open, I immediately noticed the little potato squares they mix up in there with the beef. Like a shepherd's pie, this looked to be pretty old school. I knew I was in for a treat.
I really dug how it tasted. I would expect that most people who are into, uh, too much flavor may take this meat pie for being bland. Basically, if you eat too much Doritos and like to douse everthing in ketchup and hot sauce, maybe this is not for you. Lots of potatoes in there, yeah, but it was expected. I dug this place so much I went back for the chicken meat pie the very next day. Can't forget to mention that the 3 Bean Salad was just "ok", I wouldn't get it again. Nothing unusual.

Fucking stoked on finding this spot though. I'm always down for something different.

The Pasty Kitchen
3641 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
(562) 431-9747


  1. You can get a side of gravey (Beef or chicken.) for dipping and/or smothering too.

    P.S. Pittsburgh Chicken won't disappoint either.

  2. You never seen that place... it is right by my dentist also.. seen it for years... hellloooo

  3. Damn right. Love that place! If you've never been, go and get more than you think you can eat, cause they're perfect for taking to work cold the next day. Oh yeah!

  4. Nels,
    next week me and Rench are going to Cornwall, the birthplace of these.
    They were lunch for the tin-miners and in the olden days one half was meat and potatoes and the other half was custard and jam, with a pastry partition.
    Two course Pasty.