Thursday, September 23, 2010

FXR FEVER - Model Designations

When in doubt, always reference this list.

FXR 5-Speed Models
EA - FXR Super Glide
EB - FXRS Low Rider
EC - FXRT Sport Glide
ED - FXRP Pursuit Glide (Police)
EE - FXRDG Disc Glide
EF - FXRP Pursuit Glide (Police)
EG - FXRS-SP Low Rider Sport
EH - FXRD Sport Glide
EJ - FXRC Low Glide
EK - FXRP C.H.P (Police)
EL - FXLR Low Rider Custom
EM - FXRS-Conv Low Rider Convertible

The two letters = 5th and 6th digit in your VIN.
Example, if you have a FXR Superglide, the 5th and 6th VIN will be "EA".


  1. mine's an ED, police model.. some people say they come with diffrent gear setup on the gearbox.. is it true..??

  2. Rizky - no, the FXRP's did not come with different gear set ups... but who knows what was done to it once it was in the hands of anyone outside of H-D.

    I know for a fact that some police departments did change belt pulleys on them (just a tooth more or less) on FXRP's that were for city use, for more lower end power. This was confirmed by my FXR source Tim Wallingford. Thanks Tim!

  3. I kinda love you, for all your knowledge!