Saturday, August 14, 2010


My dad's garden at my parents house in Hawaii backs up to Kipapa Gulch. You can only see less than half of his garden glory with this photo though.

This very gulch in the background is where once a great battle took place and many Hawaiian warriors died. Bunch of ghost stories surrounding this gulch but I had never seen anything out of the ordinary since moving to that house in 1984 or 85. My Hawaiian teacher in high school did tell me never ever go digging around down there though.

So I been eating some pretty killer food out of this garden growing up. So did this invasive bird species, the Bulbul from India. It was eating all of my dad's beans... so it was one shot - one kill! He bought a new air rifle that worked, uh, killer just for these pests:
Another growing problem is wild pigs that were introduced to Hawaii. My dad made this pig trap out of scrap pallets and stuff he had laying around:

"I caught about 5 of them since I made it. Got my first 2 within the first hour I put it together."
"Your mom would have a fit if I butchered those pigs in the backyard so I trade them with some farmers I know in the valley."

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