Sunday, August 15, 2010


The first memories I have of Sunnyside in Wahiawa is in the 3rd grade. There was a kid in my class named Roddy that said, "ever had da fried rice special in the morning at Sunnyside? sooo good!"

At that point in my life, I had not eaten any breakfasts at Sunnyside and I thought I was missing out on the fried rice, which is one of the items that makes this place famous (they use bacon).

I'll try not to get ahead of myself here though, lots of stories to tell about Sunnyside. On this day Dustin, Aurelia, Jose and I rolled up from the north shore to get a quick lunch before meeting everyone else for a big day of family parties at the Kapolei Skate Park and in town (Honolulu).

This time around, pakajunk reporter CantStayJose provided all the photos:
We had to make a quick decision because we were running a little late. I suggested what I've known this place to be famous for: hamburgers (fresh hand made patties) and home made pies.
Of course any of their regular menu items are excellent. Sunnyside is one of the places Wahiawa can brag about. Great people, good service. I've never had a complaint about any of their items except that I ate it too quick. People drive here from all over the island to get their fresh pies which is notoriously sold out (just like the morning fried rice special).
But best of all is the daily specials. This is where you get the BEST of the BEST. I'm not fucking around here, this not your standard plate lunch spot. If you look at any of these menu items and come up to me sometime and say "have you ever tried the ________ at L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Huntington Beach, though?" you will forever be an idiot in my eyes.
Before I even knew it, CantStayJose had already ordered a slice of apple pie as an appetizer. Of course it was gone before anyone could even say humu­humu­nuku­nuku­āpuaʻa .
Dustin had the fried noodles and cheeseburger. I think he got a side of rice and shared his stuff with Aurelia.
I had the fried noodles as well:
but I couldn't decide so of course I got myself a cheeseburger too. These burgers here are off the hook. Like really, really good burgers. Basic, nothing fancy, but it's all in how the burgers itself are made. They cut/mix the meat with bread. What kind of bread is their secret though. Every burger patty comes out tender, yet the surface has a slight burnt crisp to them. Delicious.
Fried noodles has the usual combinations of local Hawaii-style ingredients. Kamaboko (fish cake), cabbage, onions, pork and the noodles are saimin style but made on the softer side.
I went back one more time for the fried rice special a few days later which I did not have in over 20 years. A little on that later.

I'll be back, Sunnyside!


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