Thursday, September 23, 2010


This episode of Pepe Time submitted by The Hater!

Guest starring Denver Dan.


Not many cars I coveted growing up in the 80’s but the Porsche 911 was definitely one of the few. Remember those Maxell posters with the dude in his Targa with top blowing off from his stereo? Magnum’s 308 and the Countach were also contenders, but in real life, I can’t imagine ever actually owning an Italian exotic. But, oh, the 911….

Once upon a time, Denver Dan, Pepe, and I were on our way to get some lunch. Going down the freeway, I spotted a mint late 80’s Carrera.

Me: Oh shit, I’ve been looking at those lately, prices are starting to come down too.

Dan: I’ve always loved that car! What year you looking for?

Me: ‘87-‘89, Carrera coupe, they got better transmissions and if the top end’s been rebuilt with new studs, they’re good for another 100,000 miles, easy.

Pepe: Fuck dude! Let’s go! Let’s go to the Porsche dealer and all get new 911s RIGHT NOW, dog!

Dan: What?

Pepe: Let’s go! Let’s do it!

Me: What?

Pepe: What are you, scared?

Me: Well, no, but I’m interested in a late 80’s model and I doubt any dealer will have 3 of them sitting on their lot. If you’re talking about a new one though, depending on the model, they range from about 75 grand to a quarter million….

Pepe: So? I ain’t scared! Let’s do it!!

Denver Dan rolled down his window for some fresh air. I turned up the stereo. We continued to go to lunch, even though someone was already out to lunch.


Pepe has a long history with 911's. Sort of. Many, many years ago, Pepe used to date this girl from Beverly Hills. How or why remains a mystery but this girl was like a beta version of Paris Hilton, except with more plastic surgery.

Pepe: Dude, this chick is driving me nuts.

Me: So, get rid of her.

Pepe: I want to but she says she’s gonna buy me new Porsche 911.

Me: What?

Pepe: Seriously, her dad’s fucking loaded and she wants to buy me a new 911, so I can’t get rid of her now.

2 weeks later, I saw Pepe again.

Me: How’s your chick, she get you that car yet?

Pepe: No, I couldn’t deal with her anymore, dude, I got rid of her.

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  1. This blog is so intellectually deep it just . . . it makes my brain hurt - in a good way.