Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know I had promised to do a full FXR review on T-Rod's bike... and I will. Just got tired of all the action lately I guess. For now, check out these. Took the old my portable Canon Rebel XTi with us on trip up the 605 freeway on a hot day.
I slung it around my neck and just took a bunch of shots blind. Out of hundreds, there were a few that I could actually post (actual pictures of the entire motorcycle instead of just the front wheel, etc).

I photoshop'd the rockabilly pinstripes off of CantStayJose's tank because I know he'd appreciate it (they were on the tank when he bought it, of course). He doesn't want anyone to know he still rocks the psychobilly pompadour behind closed doors.
Oh, I remember now. These were the way we went to the Mooneyes Show in Irwindale.
We took the wrong exit but long as there's a taco joint near the place, we can triangulate the spot through our 3-taco-joint locater. Built in Taco GPS. All genetic.
Then I took the whole part out where we had a bunch of fun.
And then we went home. Jose demanded to have the camera on the way back.

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