Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last night. Calm before the storm.
Adam Wright.
Tons of media from clothing, local news, board sports industry.
Ride-in bike of the night. Yamaha RT1 360 with a XS650 stuffed in it.
Closer to starting time.
Falcon Motorcycles.
Jason Parry and Jen.
Salinas Boys.

SuperCo knuck.
Photos on display by Scott Pommier and Adam Wright.

Many friendly faces. Kevin from Loser Machine, Kutty and Roger Ramjet.

Biggest question of the night: where's Trev?
Right here, don't bother him. He's busy.
The place got packed real quick.
I can't find Sasha. I might have a melt down.

Kiyo, Ian Barry.
Midnight came quicker than I expected. Load up.
Then relax again.
Time to go home.
I appreciate everyone who was involved. What a great time.
Thanks to everyone who came by.
Most of all, I would personally like to thank COMUNE.

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  1. Good job Nelly. Had a good time. Thank you for the Pepe stories from the vault.