Thursday, November 11, 2010

You're missin the hoota of the funky Buddha

And for you out of state viewers... regardless of how things went here lately, the shit is so easily obtainable it's a fucking trip. I mean it's been this way for a while but it's pretty fucking neat. You go see a special doctor and tell him "uh, I can't sleep at night and my back hurts".

Then you give him $100 to $120 for a license and for the rest of the year, you get to buy from any of the above locations. You sign up with the store, get little flyers or emails telling you about what's on sale or when to come in for "free joint with every purchase on TUESDAYS!" or whatever.

Inside the "dispensary" is a fucking candy store. Lollipops, brownies, rice krispy "treats", candies and aisles or greenery with all kind of levels of whatever you need. High, low, medium, sweet, heavy, light, up or down.

Oh, I don't do any of this stuff and this is all just what I, uh, heard.

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