Thursday, February 10, 2011


I got nothing against cops. But I got something against speeding tickets. Kept them off my record for an amazing 3 years now (most likely because I don't GET ON IT), which is a personal record since I've gotten my drivers license.

But on this fine morning a white dude wearing a black half helmet, sunglasses, black leather jacket and riding a Road King (or maybe a Fat Boy?) was riding on the 405 freeway heading north as I was headed south. It was near the Lakewood exit. He signaled in the following way:

I haven't seen any motorcyclist use this signal in years. YEARS. Maybe even only one other time in the last 9 years. Anyway, if you don't know, hand on the head means "cop ahead" and sure enough, I slowed my roll and a solo bike CHP officer was on the side of the freeway. He was shooting his laser at me and I could feel it hit my chest! it kinda hurt! no, not really. But he was trying to tag me but I was only going 70mph so I was cool.

Whoever that guy was on that Road King, I'd like to give him a big mahaloz.


  1. Years ago, when I was headed up to Sturgis, right before I got to Torrington, WY on 85, a couple guys passed me going South, and both the riders were tapping their heads. Yeah, cop ahead...

    So, about a 1/4 mi. further North, I see the WY State Trooper parked in a farm road pull-in, and he's standing along side his gold unmarked car. Obviously I'm doing the speed limit, but as I got closer, the trooper is patting his head as I go by, and smiling. It cracked me up!

  2. When I rode in the club that's the signal for pigs ahead

  3. People going in opposite direction will flash their headlights also. Saved me more times then I can remember.

  4. yup. i throw these out EVERYTIME theres fuzz. EVERY TIME. and i appreciate it L.A.M.F. when others do the same. everyone wish me luck in court on tuesday its my trial for speeding on a bike and if i get this point its my license. hope he doesnt show up!

  5. my dad taught me that when i first started riding street bikes 20 yrs ago. the 1%ers around here do it