Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I heard The Big Dance Number feature has hit the rest of the continent except for Southern CA for some reason. But no big deal, whatevas, no rush. Just like this feature. This bike had been around for a decade and it's finally in a US mag.
It was a good time doing this feature because no matter what I knew it was going to be something good for lunch down there in San Juan Diego.
The Hater is my biggest opponent in eating mass quantities of food.
Check out the feature, should be on the stands by now. These are a few outtakes.
The bike is named Big Dance Number because The Hater aka Yobo-Loc was a dancer on MC Hammer's freakishly huge tour, "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em".


  1. Atleast there wasn't a "kick' start pic..

    Oh wait..

  2. Nelson, is this the same Dave that I knew from Chica's???? Bike looks really familiar but different.

  3. that bike fucks up every kool kids perception of choppers. It's not always panheads and bates seats. I dig that bike alot. Street Chopper right?

  4. I even saw the Big Dance Number's feature in Alaska!